Sunday, Sunday

Another weekend gone. It’s either the first or last day of the week – depending on your point of view. For me, it’s the last. Monday is my first day of the week – and it’s back to work.

Made 2 batches of soap today — both restocks. Storm and Green Tea. However, I am not at all happy with the way the green tea color looks so I may be remaking that one this week. I am looking forward to making Old Rose – which sold out oh, so fast! I’m going to make a larger batch this time, if I have enough rose buds for the top. But my daughter is coming to visit and she’s bringing me a new supply, so I may wait until after they leave for Old Rose.

New and old fragrances (both essential oils and fragrance oils) have been ordered. Doubt if they’ll come this week, but we can remain hopeful. Right?

This is a long week at work (we work 9 hour days with one week a Friday off and then the next Friday is an 8 hour day, making up the standard US 80 hour every two weeks). I was off this past Friday so this one is a working one. Rats.

Can you believe August is nearly over? I certainly cannot. Where does the time go??

And I’m off to get ready for tomorrow, leaving you with “Little Wing”…

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