Do you have days were things are just blah? Or days were everything is Ok but you’re a bit restless? I do. More than I care to admit. I keep busy, too busy perhaps, but sometimes I just feel that I’m lacking something. And I think that something may be inspiration.

And when those days come, even more than other times, I pop over to my friend Kate’s blog Inspired. She is full of positive energy and her writings (and photography) always make me smile and think. Not a bad thing.

If you haven’t visited Kate, please do so.

And Kate, thanks!!

3 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. oh why why why do you use that bloody awful captcha thing?? this is wordpress right? you can just get little check box that bots can’t see instead of torturing people with that… THING lololol anyway, very nice to see you, and yes i do have restless days, TONS of them, i’m either restless or working obsessively lol no in betweeny 🙂 so why haven’t you been taking photos hun? perhaps you should do that when you are restless! it was very nice to see you again! xoxoxox

  2. Hey Martie, I’ve been away this weekend and I just got home…and read this very lovely and kind post recommending my blog as a cure all for the blahs! I’m so flattered that you feel this way and it’s so kind of you to say this…but you do realize that I get the blahs too I hope!! lol.

    Thanks so much Martie!

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