Almost mid April –

can you believe it?  This month is flying by.  And so much is going on.

My youngest daughter, who is attending the University of Texas in San Antonio has just won an amazing scholarship for her final year.  It’s through the computer science department (her major) and is in information assurance.  She’ll get most of her tuition covered, her room and board AND get a generous stipend as well.  During the year she’ll be testing programs, doing some research and other work in that field.  Although it is through the computer science department it is funded by the federal government so she is practically guaranteed a civil service job when she graduates.

And if that wasn’t wonderful enough, another Texas University has “hired” her for a summer research position – again in their computer science department.  The other university is about 30 miles from where she is now, but they are going to provide free room and board and give her a generous stipend for the summer.

And I am so looking forward to this weekend.  The son of a friend is getting married and we (two of my daughters and I) are attending the service and reception.  I’ve known this lady for over 30 years — and to many of you it may not seem like a big deal.  But since meeting her I have moved 16 times (from England to Maine, Guam, Japan, New Zealand, Colorado, California, Germany, California, Germany, Japan, Germany, California, Germany, Okinawa, Illinois, California) and she has moved many times as well.  How we managed to keep in contact for all this time is nothing short of a miracle.

The wedding should be so interesting – not only getting to see my friend and her family again, but the bride is Russian and most of the guests will be Russian – and the wedding ceremony is Jewish (I’ve never been to anything Jewish).  So this weekend is full of all sorts of “firsts” for me.

Then on Sunday I’ll be driving to Point Mugu and working there next week.  I’ve already got two appointments to look at apartments.  Did I say I was excited?

And SoapGecko is doing great.  I’m slowly building the business – not only getting new customers but having repeat customers!  And I’m receiving a lot of requests for special orders.

Yes, I believe 2011 is a good year.

4 thoughts on “Almost mid April –

  1. Martie, it all sounds wonderful! I’m just so happy for you and for Chelsea. And I love your soap…as I said in my email, the honeysuckle is my favourite so far but I haven’t tried them all yet. I really love the electric pink of the Chelsea Rose. It sounds like you’re having so much fun and this is the way life was meant to be.

  2. Enjoy your weekend – friends of 30 years are so special. And congrats to your daughter. I’m also loving the soaps, especially the rainy day one, will e-mail soon with in depth soap review.

  3. Enjoy the wedding Martie, it sounds great!

    More from me on the soaps also – I’m loving them so far!

  4. Sounds like you are busy as all get out. And all in a good way. Yipee for Chelsea. And I think the soap thing is fantastic. Now, didn’t you say you were retiring…like a year or two ago? Just asking.

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