Today it is cloudy and rain is predicted.  My head hurts beyond belief and my tummy feels raw and upset (possibly related to the headache).

My laptop has crashed.  I think it is under warranty but I have to wait until Ms C is home tomorrow to read the serial number to report it.  The serial number is 
too small for me to read.


My desktop, which was repaired TWICE in January is functioning, but slow.  Perhaps the sign of an impending crash.


I need another external drive to back-up my 10K+ photos before I loose them.  I hadn’t backed up my Lightroom catalogue so I’ve lost all my photo processing 
unless we can get the laptop back up and running.


So, now I’m going to have a coffee and if that doesn’t help me to feel better — I’m crawling back into the bed.


Some days are good, others are not.  Today isn’t so hot.

3 thoughts on “Sigh

  1. Oh Martie, I’m so sorry your head and tummy are hurting. I do hope you feel better soon.
    It’s not until a computer crashes or slows down(even more frustrating!) that we realize just how much our lives revolve around them. I had to live without internet access for great swathes of time in Mexico and then the screen on my new laptop stopped functioning!
    It’s rainy and cold here too so I’m sending sympathetic thoughts out to you.

  2. That is horrible. It reminds me to back up my photos and documents. I hope it all gets fixed and that nothing is lost.

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