Quilt Show

I recently took up quilting and I’m loving playing with fabric, color and design.  This weekend the local quilt guild held its annual quilt show.  I went and had a great time (no, I didn’t have anything in the show).  I want to share some of the amazing quilts with you.

I just loved the butterfly sticking up on the little girl’s hand and the brightness of the yellow flower…

The Navy is celebrating 100 years of aviation and have a series of quilts depicting the years.  This one was my favorite (probably because of the purples)…

And I fell in love with this one – such gorgeous colors and wonderfully proud women…

And a coffee quilt – need I say more?

I’ve uploaded many more of these works of art to my flickr account and if you are interested you can view them here.

Today I’m getting organized.  I need to get some soaps ready to sell and I have some special orders to fill.  Busy times!

I hope you are having (or have had) a delightful weekend.


7 thoughts on “Quilt Show

  1. I would have gone crazy at that show, Martie. I love good handiwork when it comes to stitches! I looked at some of your other posts and love seeing your soap business. Patchouli, sandalwood and Lavender would be all be my choices. How could one ever narrow it down! I wish you much success….

  2. I have been to quilt shows too. Lots of creative talent. Thanks for sharing the photos of the quilts.

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