Another day in paradise


I had to attend a series of meetings Thursday and Friday at Pt Mugu. My motel is at a beach, so I decided to stay another day. Having a great time!!


Yesterday I checked out some areas where I thought I might want to live at when I move here. Found an ideal so I wll have to hope something is available when I am ready.

Today I found a natural food store who also sells essential oils (thanks for the info Heather). They had their EOs on sale for 20% off! I stocked up.

Then I visited the nursery that I used to love. It is still wonderful. Not only did I enjoy looking at the plants

I found this gorgeous pot.

(if it is still there when I move here it will be coming home with me!)

Then I went to a bookstore where I spent a couple of hours. Then grabbed some lunch and came back to the motel. I have the windows open and I’m listening to the surf. I feel great here and sleeping like a baby!

4 thoughts on “Another day in paradise

  1. It looks so beautiful and I can just imagine how amazing it will be for you to live there. When will you be moving to Paradise??

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