Another week lost

Yes, another week lost to illness.  I was out all this past week with another bad cold and double ear infection!!  Just doesn’t seem right.  I slept, and slept, and slept some more.  But today I awakened at 6:30 am and felt good.  Whatever I had over Christmas I ended up giving to the family – not a nice gift at all.

Saturday and Sunday I made myself stay out of bed and up.  But I didn’t feel like doing much and watching movies all day gets a little old.  So I began a sweater for a colleague who is expecting their second son next month.  It’s with soft blue wool, although in the photo the wool looks pretty washed out:

And before my youngest daughter returned to college we celebrated my birthday early.  In addition to a lovely cookbook and treats (and home-made cake) she also gave me a beautiful bouquet.  I took a close up because they are just so pretty!

And I invite you to visit my photo blog where I have posted a portrait of my middle daughter.  I want to improve my portrait skills this year, and so this is an early attempt.

3 thoughts on “Another week lost

  1. Oh Martie, I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been ill for so long! Horrible!

    Perhaps you really needed the rest and down time…I sometimes think that getting ill is the only way our subconcious mind allows us to check out and regroup…as awful as it is! Hopefully you’re on the mend now and knitting is such a wonderfully zen way relaxing.

  2. What a terrible thing it was that you had Martie. Glad you are feeling better now.

    Loved the portrait of your daughter, it’s a wonderful photo!

  3. Start feeling better already mom! You did a wonderful job on Steph’s picture, and I’m glad you like the flowers I gave you.

    Try not to work too much and rest!

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