Another post? That makes 2 days in a row!!

Yes, I can’t believe it myself.  After weeks of only sporadic blog posting I’m posting again – just a day after my last one!

I was so lazy this morning.  I usually wake up between 5 and 6, even without an alarm.  Today when I woke up I thought it was unusually light and couldn’t believe my eyes when I checked the time and saw it was just past 11!  SHOCK!  Guess after weeks of running on empty and not sleeping much I needed the rest.  And I’m planning on going to bed shortly after I hit the “publish” button on this.

Last Wednesday I had meetings all day at Point Mugu.  I love it there, but this time I got virtually no time at the ocean.  On the way home we stopped a minute and I took this photo – the sun was going down and the clouds were heavy.  The temps were also falling, it was down to 45F.  A while later we were on a major road and saw that all the mountain passes were closed because of weather (snow, I assume).  Anyway, it was a lovely sky…


And, since I mentioned yesterday that I make soap I thought you might enjoy seeing some of them:

These are Dragon Blood.  I didn’t have red, so I attempted to put pink swirls in half the batch.  It turned out purple (go figure) and the “batter” had gotten too stiff for the swirls to go down into it.  But they are pretty.  The seeds are roughly ground azuki beans.  I put them in for texture.


Here’s a close up.  Notice the bubbles on the bottom? That’s a reaction from the heat that is generated from the lye.


The cocoa/orange soap didn’t turn out.  It was my first ever “failure”.  The top cracked, the color isn’t as deep as I would like it to be, and it has “cold” spots which are white and make the bars look like some kind of mutant-meat product!  But I know where I went wrong.  It’s cold (in the 40s).  Normally when I mix the lye solution the temps get close to, or over 200.  It was cold in the garage and the lye only made it to about 140.  And the mold was only 67 when the “batter” went in, which further cooled it.  Just wasn’t enough heat to cook it properly.  Oh well.  Live and learn.

And on Tuesday the man is coming to shut the cooler down and turn on the furnace.  Thank goodness I’ll be able to be warm again, and the soap process will be happy too.

4 thoughts on “Another post? That makes 2 days in a row!!

  1. what a lovely landscape shot!!! and your soap looks yummy!!! i used to make soap, but wasn’t very good at it, think there’s still bag fulls of soap somewhere lol… btw i like your idea for the whining meter lololol tho a two hour time limit would be a bit long,, unless they paid well lol

  2. Beautiful sky! The dragon’s blood looks awesome, even though it didn’t turn out quite how you wanted. That sucks that the other one didn’t turn out! It sounded so yummy too!

  3. I love the swirls in the soap. Sorry the cocoa one was a casualty, but at least a learning lesson!

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