Typepad Issues

Sorry folks!  I don't know why but my post text is being cut-off lately.  I've submitted a trouble ticket so let's hope this issue gets resolved soon.

If you have a solution – let me know!


2 thoughts on “Typepad Issues

  1. Wow, that turkey is amazing! We don’t have wild turkeys here on the west coast so it’s quite unique to even see a photograph of one.
    I’m so glad that Miss C is feeling a bit better. Stress can be so insidious because often we’re not even aware that we’re stressed…it becomes such a normal state of being for us.
    It sounds like beautiful synchronicity is alive and well in your life Martie!

  2. I am so glad to hear you mention the text. I thought I was having issues with the new machine. Lets hope TP gets it resolved soon like they did my missing catagories. At least with mine, you could read the text, not like I putting much up there, but still.

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