A Day at the Museum

My daughter, Steph, and her family came to visit for their weekend (Thurs and Fri).  I had to work late on Thurs, but we still managed to get to the local sushi restaurant for a treat.  Later Steph and I attended the local quilter’s guild who featured a guest speaker from Boston.  It was an interesting evening.

Friday we deiced to go to our local Maturango Museum.  The kids enjoyed the inside displays — local wild life and geological stuff.  I think their favorite was putting their hand into special openings to see if they could guess what they felt.  Then you could open the drawer and see if you were right.  They LOVED that!  But outside was the biggest hit.  They have a desert garden, a human sun dial and a labrynth!  We had the best time (although it was 107!) out there:


Ringing the old school bell:



Telling time:


Sitting on the seat of knowledge:


And the labyrinth:




And doesn’t look like they had a great time!?



5 thoughts on “A Day at the Museum

  1. Hi Martie

    Looks like you guys had a great time! The kids are so beautiful and they definitely look interested, relaxed and happy 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

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