August Break #11 – and Quilting 101

Tomorrow is the last day of my beginners quilting class.  I was a week behind, so I have been playing catch up tonight.  My project is going to be a wall hanging and I think I chose beautiful batiks in blues and greens.  My boarder (and the backing) has geckos.  The photo doesn’t do the colors justice, but at least you’ll get an idea of what I’ve been up to.  And yes, it is FULL of mistakes.  But isn’t that what learning is all about?  (If you haven’t done so yet, or in a while, visit other participants of August Break here.)


4 thoughts on “August Break #11 – and Quilting 101

  1. I’d love to do this too! Love your colours and patterns Martie! It’s great that you have decided to learn something new – good for the brain cells, even if you do make some mistakes!

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