August Break #9

I have been thinking a lot about balance these last couple of days.  My world seems to be out of balance right now and I seem to lack focus.  My youngest is recovering nicely from her surgery and is back in Texas preparing for her 3rd year at university.  I’m working crazy hours and getting little sleep.  This isn’t a good thing as it seems to be affecting my thinking abilities, and I make my living by making decisions.  I need to find a ground, I need balance.

And once I find a balance to my life, I may just spread my wings and fly like this guy!


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One thought on “August Break #9

  1. Ah yes, balence…why does it so often feel like we’re walking a tightrope in life? I posted this link on my blog a year or two ago but I often go back to it and am always inspired. I think it’s the combination of balence and perserverence that speaks to me here…never stop seeking balence.

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