For the past several months I have been renting the condo I am living in from my friend who is in Germany for the next few years.  She left last October, but I kept her furniture until she was settled and found a place to live.  That was just fine with me because, if you remember, when we moved here we only had what fit in a small u-haul trailer and the back of our truck.

This past Monday – Wednesday the packers and movers came and took all of her things away — leaving me with one recliner (purple), my TV, my little shrine, a small Tibetan cabinet, my Chinese screen, desk and computer.  And that was about it as far as furnishings go.  So naturally I couldn’t live that much of a minimalistic life, so…

I bought a comfy green chair


and a daring red sofa.


What do you think of my little red Chinese chest?  The lamp is from Korea and was a gift…


And, because they were in the shop and I love them – peonies!


My friend also left me a Chinese wall cubbord which is in the dining room.  My middle daughter and family are coming up this Thursday and are bringing a dining table they no longer need.  I bought a mattress to sleep on (it’s on the floor – remember those days?) and a blow-up bed for my guest room.  The blow up, with my two Japanese futons will provide plenty of space for visiting family and friends!

So now, the condo feels much more like home.  And I would like to point out that I am very grateful that my friend allowed me the use of her furniture for the past several months – but it’s good to have my own things (old and new).

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  1. These things look fabulous Martie! Especially love the red sofa.. & the peonies – it is good to have your own taste around you at home.

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