The Graduate

About 18 months ago my eldest daughter decided to return to school to be a cosmetologist.   She’d always been good with doing things with her own hair, but I had no clue that she wanted or had been thinking about this.  Anyway, she made it through the courses with flying colors and this past Thursday she took her state board.  Many, many, many of the students either didn’t pass the practical portion of the exam or failed the written part, but the Incredible Ms H did both!  We met in Riverside to celebrate!

Here she is (on the right) with her sister/hair model.  (And with my youngest home for the summer I had ALL THREE of my daughters together.  It was heaven!)





7 thoughts on “The Graduate

  1. That’s fantastic Martie – congratulations to Ms H!! Great pics of your daughters and wonderful that you were able to see them all together.

  2. Just a shame she blinked in the last shot– but at least you get to see that amazing eye makeup technique!

  3. OMG dinner was so fun! I miss being with my family… now it is so rare when we are all together again!

    I’m so thankful that cosmo school is over. I have 3 more classes to take and I will also have my A.S. Degree… so since RCC doesn’t do a winter graduation I plan on walking next summer in a regular cap and gown!

    I can’t wait to get going with this!!!!

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