Today I want out

Yes.  That is correct.  Pollyanna has left the building (or in this case, the *farm*).  The rose-colored glasses are broken.  If you walked up and offered me $150K for this place today, I hand you the keys, grab my photo stuff, computers a few clothes and I’d climb into my truck and leave.

Of the 15 raspberry bushes to be planted 9 are in the ground.  All those weeks of pouring over graft paper planning the garden design did not pay off.  I ran out of space in the designated area so only 9 are in the ground.  I’ll deal with the remaining 6 this evening.
The lawn tractor will go, but it won’t cut the grass.  I don’t know if the deck is stuck or not.
The damn potty is having issues again.  All potties must be designed by sick men.  Don’t they get it that girls USE toilet paper?  Potties should be designed for this issue.  So ever since the septic issue a few weeks ago I am forced to watch the potty to make sure that everything clears when I flush.  I hate this and today one is having issues.  And if that were not enough, the tank has chosen today to require additional attention.  That damn flapper thing wants to stay up.  I guess it’s unfair to blame the flapper thing since it’s actually the stupid chain that gets a kink in it and keep the flapper thing up, but I am fed up with the entire thing.
And the frosting on the cake?  FRIGGING TICKS!
Oh – and the cat is gacking.
Excuse me.  I need to go to my happy place.

4 thoughts on “Today I want out

  1. It must all feel overwhelming and I understand how it can all feel like too much. I really hope you found your happy place Martie…and it just may be something warm near the ocean! ((hugs))

  2. Happy Places are a good thing, no matter where you hide.
    Unfortunetly, yes; men did invent the pottie (so says John Crapper..real person, look it up). What they NEEDED to do, is attach a garbage disposal to the outlet of the toilets. Quicker composting that way. :{ )
    Hope things get better all around.

  3. I hope things have gotten better. I know that owning a home can be a lot of work. Once those problems are under control I’m sure you will love it.

  4. This is the time for cliches – so “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey” – or put on that new coffee maker and your favourite music. Rome wasn’t built in a day….

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