Lessons in Patience

Well, here it is Tuesday night and I am still not a home owner.  I was supposed to close Monday, but the appraisal lady didn’t do her job.  So, late last week we rescheduled for Tuesday.

Yesterday (Monday) morning I got a call that we couldn’t close today either.  The appraisal revealed broken window panes and the mortgage company required them to be replaced.

And so we are tentatively scheduled to close at 10am Friday.  Sigh….

Sometimes things do not go as planned, but they are probably going the way they should be.

3 thoughts on “Lessons in Patience

  1. It will happen Martie, though I understand your frustration! Lots for you to look forward to!

  2. There is a reason that buying a house is one of the top causes of stress…I think I’ll just stay put for a while!

  3. Friday is almost here Martie…tomorrow, tomorrow, as the song goes. Congratulations! This must feel so very, very exciting.

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