saying good-bye to a dream

I was at our “sister” office today here in California.  I love it there – they are right on the Pacific Ocean.  I was in meetings all day so I went down yesterday and spent the evening at the beach.  It’s on a Navy base so there were very few people and I had no trouble finding a spot where I could be on my own.

It’s beautiful there – mountains and water.  Who could really ask for more — especially when a mist shrouds the top of the mountains…


This little boat looked to be abandoned and it made me wonder how it got there – this part of the beach is off limits.  The water here is full of rip-tides and strong currents, so if someone brought the boat in – how did they leave?  Or did the waves bring it in


The waves pounded the shore – I love the roar, and the mist that settles on your face.


And while I gave up my dinner (willingly) to fill my senses with the ocean, these guys went fishing (and no, they didn’t seem to want to share)…


And so it was that I spent awhile on the beach.  The waves taking away all my tension, enjoying the cool air and the salt mist on my skin.  And as I sat there I realized that I was saying goodbye to a dream.  I returned to work with the idea that I would buy a small place on the ocean.  I’ve lived on islands for 10 years and being near the Pacific is really the only time I feel complete.  I know that I’m in the final stages of purchasing a very land-locked property, and I think it is the sensible thing to do.  And perhaps one day I’ll have a place on the ocean, or live on a boat.  But somehow I feel that I am saying goodbye to a dream, and a piece of my soul is dying..

This old song, Cool Change by the Little River Band, captures the spirit of the Ocean for me…

4 thoughts on “saying good-bye to a dream

  1. What a beautiful evening you had! I suppose you can always look forward to holidaying by the beach in the future.

  2. Martie I know just what you mean about your soul and the sea…we’re kindred spirits in that respect! Your new home looks so beautiful and I know that being close to one’s parents, especially as they get older, is often for the best.

    The Pacific Ocean will always be there and you can come and visit me and the wild north Pacific anytime you want!

  3. Martie … my dear friend … I totally understand your feelings about the ocean / new home / saying goodbye to dreams. A bag of mixed emotions. I sure needed that very same ocean last night … and I need it today. When you have a moment … give me a call, please. I am in need of a friend, confidant. Best wishes for you always.

  4. I’ve always wanted to live near the ocean as well. I always feel so good there. I haven’t given up on that dream yet. It is still a possibility-fingers crossed.

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