St Kitts and St Thomas

Yesterday we were in (at?) St Kitts.  We hired a taxi and had a great tour, seeing the sights and learning some interesting things about the history.  The Atlantic has breath-taking waves…


But I think the most amazing sight was this spot, where the Atlantic was on the left and the Caribbean Sea on the right…


Today was St Thomas, a true shopper’s heaven.  Since we were planning on looking for a camera for my friend I knew we wouldn’t be doing a lot of sight-seeing so I left my camera in the room.  It was such fun to look at the camera gear and to have someone else do the spending!

But this morning I awakened to this sight (can you see that the yacht furthest out actually has a helicopter on it too?)…


And this evening, as we were about to depart amid darkening sky – this water plane made a landing!


St Thomas was beautiful – as all of the islands have been so far.  But there is a TON of money in St Thomas!

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