My new car

I haven’t had a new vehicle since 1999.  This is not a bad thing, just the way it was.  When I retired I bought a used truck from my Dad, and it has been great.  It saw us through the awful midwest winter, and brought us pulling a trailer to California — about half way across the US.

When I first moved to Okinawa in 2004 I bought a used Toyota RAV 4.  It was the 2-door model and I fell in love with it.  Up off the road like a truck, but small enough to easily park an get around on the small streets.  Three years later I blew the engine and bought a little Honda Life.  It too was a great car, but I missed the RAV 4.

Well, no longer folks!  See my brand new 2010 Toyota RAV 4 – with ALL the bells and whistles including back up camera and bun warmers.  I brought it home 2 weeks ago today.


4 thoughts on “My new car

  1. Totally jealous now! LOL That was on my list for my next vehicle whenever that is. Lets get together soon!

  2. Ooooooh! Very sweet! It’s just beautiful and I can see why you’re so enthralled with it.

    May you travel many happy miles and discover wonderful new directions.

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