“Hanging” on Shared Focus


Where does the time go? Seems like it was just a day, two at the most, that it was last Sunday and here it is Sunday again. Sunday means several things for me – it’s my day to totally unwind and do what I want. It’s also the day that Shared Focus pics are up (not every Sunday, usually every-other Sunday). But today is THE Sunday.

Our theme this week was “hanging” so why not click here to see how this theme was interpreted by Kate and myself?

And if you are a wee bit curious as to what I enjoyed for breakfast this morning, click here and have a look.

Little hint:


2 thoughts on ““Hanging” on Shared Focus

  1. Beautiful layout! Its very refreshing and warming, such a nice change from the cold! Nice picture for your project! And lucky you able to have crepes!

  2. Martie your little outdoor corner for “hanging” looks perfect. You’re so lucky to still be able to sit outdoors right now. I’d be sitting with a sou’wester and large rubber boots outside my door!

    (and yes, I’d love to join you some day!)

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