Left-handed house?

Ok. I’ve lived in this condo now for 4 months and I still have issues finding the light switches. This should not be a big deal, right? You enter a room, stick out your hand and flip the switch. I keep doing this but instead of flipping a switch I hit a wall.

For example, take my bedroom. The door open into the room towards the left. It’s dark and I walk into the room and put my right hand out to the right wall, just inside the doorway. Smack! No light switch. It’s on the left wall AFTER the door. Not convenient at all.

And this isn’t an isolated case. It’s in ALL of the rooms.

Last week when my daughter was up I mentioned it to her. She agreed that the switches were not in the right place. And then just said, calmly, “oh, it’s a left hand house”.

What? A left-handed house? Who knew.

One thought on “Left-handed house?

  1. Screws with you something fierce doesn’t it? I got left handed pencils too. Scratch your head on that one.

    HOW lefthanded pencils, you might ask? Pick up a pencil or pen and read the lettering. If you hold it in one hand, you can…in the other hand the letters are upsidedown. You can oly read these properly if held in the left hand.

    I’ll have to send you an e-mail about a left handed monkey wrench too…got one.

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