Looking forward…

I was at the military exchange this past week selling soap and body butter.  Had a very successful time!  Yeah SoapGecko!!

But while I was working selling soap, house work didn’t get done.  Now I’m busy getting ready to leave for Georgia to spend Thanksgiving with my oldest daughter and family.  I am beginning to think that I’ll never have my house in order and that chaos will be my new normal.  Not a happy thought – but perhaps one I’ll get used to?  🙂

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Week 3 of retirement

Has it really almost been 3 weeks! Where does the time go? Things are hot here in El Centro (weather wise), but that is normal. Our daily temps are between 106 and 118. Thank heavens for air conditioning – and I can’t even imagine living here without it!

My daughter is making an amazing recovery from her surgery – hardly any pain and is slowly taking on more tasks during the day. It’s good to see the healing and health come back so quickly.

Youngest daughter arrives next Thursday – only a week away! We are all looking forward to that.

Tonight is the opening night for “Seussical, Jr” for my 9-year old granddaughter. She has been attending a theatrical summer camp and the play is a musical based on Dr Seuss characters. We are all excited. Dad and brother go tonight, Mom and I tomorrow night. Final performance is Saturday afternoon and not sure who is attending that one, but someone will.

The last couple of weeks before retirement I received some orders for soap loaves – 2 lb loafs of soap as they come out of the mold before I cut them. Here’s some photos of them:

From left to right: 2 loaves of Fairie Dust (custom colors), Green Tea, and Good Morning:

Top of Good Morning – isn’t it beautiful?

The lady ordering Fairie Dust wanted it cut, so cut it I did (but didn’t wrap it). I’m glad because I got to take some photos of the inside which I think turned out pretty well. This is a red, pink, green swirl in a white base:

This one was supposed to be yellow swirl in a purple base – but colors being what they are they morphed into more of green and yellow with a bit of purple. But I like it!

At the mall…

OK. So our first “mall showing” is over and while we didn’t do as good as we’d hoped – we didn’t do as bad as we feared. And boy did we learn some lessons! Lesson #1 – don’t tell people you will be back on Black Friday. Once they find that out they leave shouting they’ll be back for the “sale stuff”. Lesson #2 – speak the language of your customers, or failing that – have signs. The majority of the population in the area we were in speak Spanish. Live and learn.

Here’s how things unfolded (in pictures):

Bringing in the stuff:

Starting to set up:

Yes, men frequently fall at my feet but in this case

he was unlocking a stubborn lock

Steph’s side:

Doing her consulting thing!

And here’s SoapGecko!

The fog

Well, it’s been busy at work and then when I’m home its busy getting ready for November sales at the mall. One of my daughters and I will be sharing a kiosk for the weekend of Nov 11 and then the weekend following Thanksgiving (including “Black Friday”). I am super excited. And we got a prime location. The mall is set up so that one of the entrances is through Macy’s. When you exit Macy’s there is a big area which will be devoted to a train set up for kids to ride and Santa will be there. Our kiosk is just past all the fun. To the right of the kiosk is a maternity shop and a candy shop. Sears is also that way. Directly across from Macy’s at the other end of the hall way are the bathrooms and food court. To the left all the other shops. So I am sure we’ll do really well.

Took a tumble today. Apparently I tripped over my own two feet! I was in the process of going to the car (after just having thrown out the trash) to go to the farmer’s market. Next thing I knew I was on the ground. Knees and palms to most of the damage, but the road is rough and my arms hurt too. Took a bit to get the little rocks and debris out of the scrapes. Decided it was an indication that I didn’t really need to go out today!

Yesterday we had some fantastic fog. Living near the ocean we often get fog, but this came in yesterday evening and you could see it! I grabbed my camcorder and have a bit of it to share with you. I put it on fast forward so hope it isn’t too boring!

Love the fog!

Hope you all have a wonderful week. If you are curious as to soap making you can check out my channel on youtube, don’t laugh too hard!!