Taa Daa!

Finally, baby gifts are complete.  I finished up the cardi yesterday, and I decided to make a baby sling tonight.  First time for the sling making – and after some panic phone calls to my seamstress daughter, things were sorted.

Here’s the cardi – (and looks like I missed trimming one of the threads!)

Close up of the detail (love cables):

Here’s the sling:

And a close up of the fabric (I love batiks).

And so these projects are done.  Now I have a couple to finish up for my youngest daughter and then I can return to quilting!

Another week lost

Yes, another week lost to illness.  I was out all this past week with another bad cold and double ear infection!!  Just doesn’t seem right.  I slept, and slept, and slept some more.  But today I awakened at 6:30 am and felt good.  Whatever I had over Christmas I ended up giving to the family – not a nice gift at all.

Saturday and Sunday I made myself stay out of bed and up.  But I didn’t feel like doing much and watching movies all day gets a little old.  So I began a sweater for a colleague who is expecting their second son next month.  It’s with soft blue wool, although in the photo the wool looks pretty washed out:

And before my youngest daughter returned to college we celebrated my birthday early.  In addition to a lovely cookbook and treats (and home-made cake) she also gave me a beautiful bouquet.  I took a close up because they are just so pretty!

And I invite you to visit my photo blog where I have posted a portrait of my middle daughter.  I want to improve my portrait skills this year, and so this is an early attempt.

Busy, busy, busy

Well, this past weekend I celebrated my second Thanksgiving at my middle daughter’s house.  We had a feast and worked on a Christmas project.  It was such a fun time.

I’ve been working and at night working on other projects.  Do you remember the “fat bottom girls” tote I made?  Well, my Mom liked it but made a comment to the effect that she didn’t think she was brave enough to carry it out of the house.  So, I decided to make her an apron.  (Let me know when it gets to you, Mom.)


Isn’t it fun?  And it reverses to the the red on the other side.  I hope she likes it.

And I’ve just finished the sweaters for 2 of my grandkids.  The coral one still needs the buttons and both need to be blocked, but I am so happy they are this far along…

For Carlos


detail (he has a large head so I left one shoulder seem open and finished with crochet and buttons):


sleeve detail:


And for Lily:





Lily’s is out of a cotton and it is lovely, but it split badly no matter how careful I tried to be.  So there’s still a lot of tucking left to do on this one.

I decided not to make one for my eldest grandson.  I made him one when he was younger and I think he might not get a lot of use out of one now that he’s “older” and lives in hoodies.

So, what have you been doing to keep busy?