It has been an amazing 5+ weeks — first my youngest was home for 4 weeks (with boyfriend) and then 3 days after she left my middle daughter and her 2 kids came!  Today is the first day in my house alone for oh so long!  It seems very quiet and still.

I had an amazing times with both visits!  Museums, restaurants, shopping, sitting around talking.  Life doesn’t get much better.

But this past Wednesday we went out on a whale watching boat.  Right now the grey whales are migrating to/from Alaska and are all along the California coast.  I was able to get some amazing photos!

Today I am resting, getting re-acquainted with the alone-ness (but not loneliness) and preparing for a very hectic work week ahed!

Another day in paradise


I had to attend a series of meetings Thursday and Friday at Pt Mugu. My motel is at a beach, so I decided to stay another day. Having a great time!!


Yesterday I checked out some areas where I thought I might want to live at when I move here. Found an ideal so I wll have to hope something is available when I am ready.

Today I found a natural food store who also sells essential oils (thanks for the info Heather). They had their EOs on sale for 20% off! I stocked up.

Then I visited the nursery that I used to love. It is still wonderful. Not only did I enjoy looking at the plants

I found this gorgeous pot.

(if it is still there when I move here it will be coming home with me!)

Then I went to a bookstore where I spent a couple of hours. Then grabbed some lunch and came back to the motel. I have the windows open and I’m listening to the surf. I feel great here and sleeping like a baby!

Another week lost

Yes, another week lost to illness.  I was out all this past week with another bad cold and double ear infection!!  Just doesn’t seem right.  I slept, and slept, and slept some more.  But today I awakened at 6:30 am and felt good.  Whatever I had over Christmas I ended up giving to the family – not a nice gift at all.

Saturday and Sunday I made myself stay out of bed and up.  But I didn’t feel like doing much and watching movies all day gets a little old.  So I began a sweater for a colleague who is expecting their second son next month.  It’s with soft blue wool, although in the photo the wool looks pretty washed out:

And before my youngest daughter returned to college we celebrated my birthday early.  In addition to a lovely cookbook and treats (and home-made cake) she also gave me a beautiful bouquet.  I took a close up because they are just so pretty!

And I invite you to visit my photo blog where I have posted a portrait of my middle daughter.  I want to improve my portrait skills this year, and so this is an early attempt.

Another post? That makes 2 days in a row!!

Yes, I can’t believe it myself.  After weeks of only sporadic blog posting I’m posting again – just a day after my last one!

I was so lazy this morning.  I usually wake up between 5 and 6, even without an alarm.  Today when I woke up I thought it was unusually light and couldn’t believe my eyes when I checked the time and saw it was just past 11!  SHOCK!  Guess after weeks of running on empty and not sleeping much I needed the rest.  And I’m planning on going to bed shortly after I hit the “publish” button on this.

Last Wednesday I had meetings all day at Point Mugu.  I love it there, but this time I got virtually no time at the ocean.  On the way home we stopped a minute and I took this photo – the sun was going down and the clouds were heavy.  The temps were also falling, it was down to 45F.  A while later we were on a major road and saw that all the mountain passes were closed because of weather (snow, I assume).  Anyway, it was a lovely sky…


And, since I mentioned yesterday that I make soap I thought you might enjoy seeing some of them:

These are Dragon Blood.  I didn’t have red, so I attempted to put pink swirls in half the batch.  It turned out purple (go figure) and the “batter” had gotten too stiff for the swirls to go down into it.  But they are pretty.  The seeds are roughly ground azuki beans.  I put them in for texture.


Here’s a close up.  Notice the bubbles on the bottom? That’s a reaction from the heat that is generated from the lye.


The cocoa/orange soap didn’t turn out.  It was my first ever “failure”.  The top cracked, the color isn’t as deep as I would like it to be, and it has “cold” spots which are white and make the bars look like some kind of mutant-meat product!  But I know where I went wrong.  It’s cold (in the 40s).  Normally when I mix the lye solution the temps get close to, or over 200.  It was cold in the garage and the lye only made it to about 140.  And the mold was only 67 when the “batter” went in, which further cooled it.  Just wasn’t enough heat to cook it properly.  Oh well.  Live and learn.

And on Tuesday the man is coming to shut the cooler down and turn on the furnace.  Thank goodness I’ll be able to be warm again, and the soap process will be happy too.

A Day at the Museum

My daughter, Steph, and her family came to visit for their weekend (Thurs and Fri).  I had to work late on Thurs, but we still managed to get to the local sushi restaurant for a treat.  Later Steph and I attended the local quilter’s guild who featured a guest speaker from Boston.  It was an interesting evening.

Friday we deiced to go to our local Maturango Museum.  The kids enjoyed the inside displays — local wild life and geological stuff.  I think their favorite was putting their hand into special openings to see if they could guess what they felt.  Then you could open the drawer and see if you were right.  They LOVED that!  But outside was the biggest hit.  They have a desert garden, a human sun dial and a labrynth!  We had the best time (although it was 107!) out there:


Ringing the old school bell:



Telling time:


Sitting on the seat of knowledge:


And the labyrinth:




And doesn’t look like they had a great time!?