I need January to be over…

Another week, another week of not feeling wonderful, and another visit to the doctor.  Woke up Monday feeling pretty bad and it got worse as the day wore on so I went to see my doctor in the afternoon.  Since I’d just ran out of antibiotics on Friday I assumed that my infection hadn’t gone away and I’d be getting a refill.  Wrong.  Everything looked good and my blood work was all normal.  However, my pulse rate was up.  Did you know that fatigue can cause your pulse rate to go up?  Well, neither did I.  Diagnosis: exhaustion.  Couldn’t believe it!  So now I have to monitor my pulse and if it goes above 120 (resting rate) then I need to get sleep.  Turns out Doctor Lady was correct.  So this past week I got lots of rest.  And I am feeling better!  YEAH!

We ended up canceling the joint birthday celebrations – I wasn’t up to speed and my grandkids were not feeling well either.

I did get to my quilting class and this is the latest block:

The weekend is over!!

Well it’s the end of my 3-day weekend and it’s nose to the grind stone this week.  But I’ve had a really good weekend, and I’m ready to face the new week.

Friday I didn’t do anything but knit and relax.  Saturday morning I had my quilting class – and the home work for it was done today.  This is the latest technique I’m learning – sewing curves:

And today I’ve made two batches of soap, done a little knitting and some resting.

Tonight it’ll be early to bed.  My daughter Steph and family are arriving on Thursday for their weekend (Thurs and Fri).  We are going to celebrate our birthdays (mine was last Wednesday and her’s is this Wednesday) and work on a sewing project or two.  And I’m going to have fun with my grandkids!

Hope you all have enjoyed a lovely weekend.

Happy New Year (US Government fiscal)

Finally it is the “new year” and I am so glad that those long, long, long days are history.  We finished all the contracts that had to be in place prior to 1 October, and while we are still very busy, we aren’t crazy busy anymore.  The long hours, poor diet and little to no exercise came with a price tag.  I had a pretty painful flare-up of my fibromyalgia.  Ouch.  But rest, no work for 3 days and an improved eating plan has reduced the pain levels to tolerable.  Yippee!!

So, while I rested and didn’t run around this weekend, I was still busy.  (This was a 3-day weekend for us federal employees.)  I finished my “fat bottom girl” tote:


Even the inside is lined with the same themed print (but larger):


And I put the first couple of rows together on the quilt that will, one day, go on the white-painted iron bed that was my Grandmother’s.  I wanted something bring and cheerful – like she was!

First row:


Second row:


The quilt is a lot of fun to work on.  It requires just enough concentration that my mind is not wandering, or worrying!

This will be another busy week, but since today is a holiday and Friday is our flex day (day off), it’ll only be 3 days long.  And next weekend will be another 3-day one!

Hope this finds you and yours well and enjoying life!

The weekend is almost over –

and boy do I have something to show for it this time.  I finished my first quilt top – sort of.  I have all the piecing done and it just needs a border or two.   The pattern is entitled Zen, and I bought it as a kit.  It had some brighter fabrics, so I purchased more dark ones.  I am really pleased with the result.  I’ve draped it over the queen size blow-up bed for these photos..




I’m pretty happy with the result!