Taking it easy



Feels like I’ve been going 100 mph these last few months, so today I gave myself permission to relax. It’s nearly 4:30 pm and I’m still in my pjs! That will change soon since I’m going over to Mom and Dad’s for supper.

Yesterday the installer was here for most of the afternoon and my kitchen is taking shape. Next Wed the fridge is being delivered and the following week the freezer. So I am almost done with the kitchen (for now).

The blank space to the right at the end of the cabinets is where the fridge will go

Showing off my new dishwasher (Bosch) which I love. (Is that wrong?) The red dot on the floor is so I know it is on (it really is quiet)!

The new pro stove. LOVE this one. Still have to have a duct man come vent the exhaust hood.

Domestic Goddess Strikes Again

Yep – this weekend I was in a creative mood.  More specifically, a kitchen-type creative mood.  So I decided to make what had been my all time favorite cupcake, Citrus-Basil.  But I could not find my recipe!  I imagine it’s in storage along with 99% of all my possessions.  But the good thing about the internet is you can usually find the recipe again.  So, off I went surfing the web.  It took awhile, but I found it.  I also found a recipe for Lime-Basil cupcakes.  I couldn’t make up my mind, so I made them both!

Citrus-Basil Cupcakes with Basil Cream Cheese Frosting:


Lime Ginger Cupcakes with Lime Basil Frosting:


Now I realize these photos look remarkably similar, but the first one (made with basil syrup) has a delicate, soft green icing with flecks of basil.  Just make them – you’ll agree about the color.  (I’ve linked both to my cooking site.)

I also made a couple of candles today.  For my birthday I asked my folks if they would mind fixing up a “home made” wax melter – and they did.  I’ve had it for over a week and been so impatient to give it a go.  So today I made the time and made the candles.  It works like a DREAM!!  I can’t wait to get them out of the molds and share them with you!

And, to finish off the domestic-goddess theme, I bought a new (new to me, but it’s a used) sewing machine.  It’s the Bernina 1130 (ancient, I know).  It should arrive not later than 5 April.  Again – can’t wait!!

And with all that, and laundry and other household chores, I’m worn out.  So I’m going to treat myself to an early night and enjoy a movie while I lay in my bed (and fall asleep)


OK – two posts in one day.  What can I say?

(The Future by Cohen is playing as I write this – I’m in LOVE with this song…you can click on the right sidebar to hear it too)

My friend Judy received a pasta attachment to her Kitchenaid this year and has been enjoying home-made pasta.  That made me a wee bit envious, but them I that a few years ago my Wonderful Mum gave me a pasta machine for Christmas.  AND it was one of the few treasures I brought with me.  So I went out to the garage and found it.  I then found the recipe I wanted to use, and inspiration from the internet.  The result?  HEAVEN!


Go on over to What’s For Tea, Mum? and you too can make this tasty delight!

Something is in the air!

I awoke this morning to greet a sunny day.  I always feel so much better when sun light welcomes me to a new day – don’t you?  Anyway, after a while I took my mail out to the box.  While I was on this little trip it didn’t take long to notice something had changed.  The snow was a little less crisp, the air not as sharp.  Many birds were singing.  And when I smelled the air – there was the smallest hint of warmth!  Could it be that spring, still so far off, was sending me a message?  A little bit of hope on that faintest of breezes?  I think so.  

I was so excited that I came back to the house and pulled my cookbooks down.  This little whiff of warmth caused me to want something spicy.  So I made this dish for my linner (lunch/dinner combo), which I named Chicken and Noodles – My “Thai” Version.  You can get the recipe from my food blog, and in the meantime, feast your eyes on this:


And now, just as the weatherman predicted, clouds have blown in and the sunshine is all but gone.  We are supposed to get a little snow.  But it’s OK.  Because this morning Mother Nature gave me a little promise of what is to come.