Photography Class – Visual Poetry

I recently started an on-line photography class, Visual Poetry by Susan Tuttle.  You can visit her virtual home at ilka’s attic.  Having never taken a photography class, let alone an on-line one, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  But I had made a promise to myself to take some classes so that I can improve my craft.  So, this one sounded interesting — giving your photos a vintage look.  So, throwing caution to the wind I enrolled.  The class started on Sunday and you know what?  I am SO glad I signed up.

Her web site is a delight and easy to navigate.  The course is 6 weeks long, with 3 lessons each week.  You can move at your own pace, and that is just great.  There’s a coffee bar for us to visit, and a flickr group (which I’m STILL trying to figure out).  Her lessons are easy to follow – and more importantly, easy to understand and apply to your own work.  I am having such fun and so far have only finished the first lesson.  And I’d like to share with you the results.  This is a photo I took last spring in a small town near where I used to live.



After lesson 1:


Not bad for a first lesson, wouldn’t you agree?