Happy Birthday to Me!!

Today is my birthday and, more than any other, a time of reflection.  I am 60 today!  YAY!!  And while I am not bothered about growing older, I have found that this birthday has had me reflecting about life for the last several weeks.  Perhaps it is because at 60 you know that you have already lived more years than you have in front of you.  And that is OK.  I am at a place in my life where I can fill my days with things I chose to do.  That is wonderful.  I may be living in chaos – but it is something I am making a deliberate choice of — not something that I must do or is forced upon me.  And so I am really looking forward to this 6th decade on earth and seeing how I grow.

My celebration began yesterday when my daughter Stephanie took me to a San Diego spa where we had Mother-Daughter spa time.  A wonderful facial and excellent massage.  After, at the spa, we were treated to a small desert and a drink.  How perfect is that.  Revived and rejuvinated we then went to La Jolla to a French restaurant for lunch.  It was wonderful.  Cozy and delightful, and we were able to hold a conversation in normal tones!  The restaurant was also a bakery so we picked up some pastries to bring home.  Then we went to a mall and visited a tea shop.  On the mall directory it was listed under “Indulgences”.  Isn’t that perfect?  We sampled several teas and purchased several to bring home to enjoy.

This morning I awakened to breakfast in bed.

Breakfast in Bed!

Aren’t those purple tulips beautiful??

I am going to enjoy a lazy day and then we are going to have a wonderful supper of chicken taco salad.  I tell you, for a birthday (celebrated over several days) it doesn’t get much better!

The middle of January? Really?

Where does the time go?  I’m now in southern California visiting my middle daughter (Stephanie) and her family.  It is wonderful to be here.  My grandkids, aged 10 and 7, have grown so much since August!

My house was left in chaos.  My sister and brother-in-law graciously offered to paint while I’m on vacation so all the furniture from the living room, dining room and office are pushed into the middle of the rooms.

Another fine mess!

My bedroom is a beautiful, dark purple thanks to my youngest daughter and her boy-friend.  The kitchen and bedroom trim are awaiting my attention, but that will come in time.


(Better photos will be coming once things are in order!)

There are lots of activities planned while I’m here and I’m looking forward to all of them; a Mother-Daughter Spa Day, lunch at a French Restaurant, a overnight trip to San Diego, a few days near Ventura, a couple of days in Ridgecrest.  And tons of fun here.

I packed for California summer weather, and since I arrived this past Saturday it has been cold, cold, cold.  This morning we awakened to frost.  My flip-flops are NOT equipped to deal with this.  Tomorrow we will be enjoying a heat wave of 61.  I do believe this is the effect of climate change!

I hope your New Year is off to a great start!  Until later…

First Xmas Project Of 2012

This is the Christmas Tree skirt that my daughter and I finished today. She did 99.9% of the work, I looked on and offered advice and opinions. It was a project that we’d hopped to have done for last Christmas, but didn’t make it. The third week of her post-surgery recuperation seemed like the perfect time to start (and complete) the project.

Here’s a few close ups:

and the back:

It was great fun – and I think it turned out pretty nice too.

Seussical Jr

Tonight was the second performance of Seussical Jr, and Mom, Brother and Grandma (me) were in the audience. Lily had several roles, including yellow fish as seen in this photo (she’s the one in the yellow shirt). Daddy and Brother attended opening night. It was SO much fun – all the actors were 13 and under and the music was amazing. Look out Broadway!

This was my daughter’s first outing since surgery and she did well. Bet she stays in bed most of tomorrow tho.

Week 3 of retirement

Has it really almost been 3 weeks! Where does the time go? Things are hot here in El Centro (weather wise), but that is normal. Our daily temps are between 106 and 118. Thank heavens for air conditioning – and I can’t even imagine living here without it!

My daughter is making an amazing recovery from her surgery – hardly any pain and is slowly taking on more tasks during the day. It’s good to see the healing and health come back so quickly.

Youngest daughter arrives next Thursday – only a week away! We are all looking forward to that.

Tonight is the opening night for “Seussical, Jr” for my 9-year old granddaughter. She has been attending a theatrical summer camp and the play is a musical based on Dr Seuss characters. We are all excited. Dad and brother go tonight, Mom and I tomorrow night. Final performance is Saturday afternoon and not sure who is attending that one, but someone will.

The last couple of weeks before retirement I received some orders for soap loaves – 2 lb loafs of soap as they come out of the mold before I cut them. Here’s some photos of them:

From left to right: 2 loaves of Fairie Dust (custom colors), Green Tea, and Good Morning:

Top of Good Morning – isn’t it beautiful?

The lady ordering Fairie Dust wanted it cut, so cut it I did (but didn’t wrap it). I’m glad because I got to take some photos of the inside which I think turned out pretty well. This is a red, pink, green swirl in a white base:

This one was supposed to be yellow swirl in a purple base – but colors being what they are they morphed into more of green and yellow with a bit of purple. But I like it!