Is it April already?

Man, where does the time go?  Seems like yesterday my daughter and grandkids were here and we were celebrating January birthdays!  And here it is April!

SoapGecko, LLC has had some amazing amount of fun lately.  Participated in Gathering the Women 2012 in Riverside, where my soaps, body butters and bath soaks were a big hit!  Then this last Sunday we were at Ventura County Flea Market.

This week my 13 (nearly 14) year old grandson has been staying with me and that has been SO MUCH FUN!

And I’m starting to make preparations for my second retirement.  April is going to be busy.  In May we’re going to Louisiana and to my youngest daughter’s graduation from university in San Antonio.  Then I finish work the end of June.  I’ll be spending the month of July with my middle daughter in El Centro, CA.  Finally heading to my new state in August.


My youngest and her boyfriend arrived on Friday. All my girls are in the same state now! And while we all won’t be together for the holidays, we’ll be spending Christmas Day at my eldest daughter’s with her family and then on the 28th we’ll be having a second Christmas celebration with my middle daughter and her family! I’m so excited.

And the count down for my “permanent” retire is on. 30 June 2012 is when I’m going to pack it in (or in this case pack it in the u-haul) and head for Louisiana. I’m excited. My first retirement lasted only a year, but I still remember the joys of no job. Staying up as late as I wanted, sleeping in, doing what I wanted and when I wanted. I miss those days and I was so busy I couldn’t figure out how I’d ever found time to work. Well, let me tell you that the time to work comes at the expense of fun things, and spending your time doing what you want. Being with friends and family, photography, reading, walking, and now soap making and so forth will fill my hours. And yes, I know I’ll miss the money the full time job brings in, but I don’t think it’s worth the sacrifice of what I have to give up. So I am looking forward to 1 July!

Hope you all are doing well and enjoying the Season!

Sadness out weighs happiness tonight

I’m sitting at my computer waiting for Friday to arrive. Only a couple of minutes more. I’m waiting to order my iPhone 4s. I have anxious awaited this day. I have the 3g, but didn’t get the 4. I think we were all a bit disappointed that it’s the 4s and not the 5, but it is the newest version so that is exciting.

But the death of Steve Jobs makes the joy of the new phone take a back seat. Whether or not your a fan of Apple and their products, you have to admit Steve was a revolutionary thinker. Our world is a much richer place for his time here.

Lookin’ out my back door…

Received word shortly after moving in that our building would be painted and that everything must be taken off the terrace. No problem, I brought it all in. Makes the inside a bit more cramped, but really not an issue. After 3 weeks of scaffolding and no painting I came home today to this! Guess it is better than the upstairs balcony being in my terrace!

Life continues to be so very busy – both at work and at home.  I am looking forward to having some balance in my life.  I miss it!

Sounds of the sea

Well, as of tomorrow it’ll be two weeks since I started sleeping in my new place. I love, love, love the location – but I didn’t realize just how small this place is. The 3 bedrooms are all good size – which is great. The bathroom are really small, but since you really don’t spend a lot of time in them that is OK too. The living/dining/kitchen are small but the size really isn’t the issue. What is the issue is the lack of storage in the kitchen, and the lack of storage in general. I ended up renting space in a storage facility. Things are slowly coming together and I’m hoping that by the end of the week things will be mostly done.

And to further compound the size, the outside of the apartment is about to be painted. This means I had to move the outdoor table and four chairs inside. Yes, I could take them to the store room for the duration of the painting but I honestly think that is much more trouble than it is worth. So, for a little while, I’m a wee bit more crowded than I’ll be in the long run.

The long run. That may be a bit of a joke.

Here’s what I’ve learned since moving into the apartment:

– Two months ago the apartment was invaded by a haz mat team – complete in full suites and breathing gear. Don’t know why — meth lab? sewage? I guess that resulted in the renovations being done to the apartment!
– Landlord is facing foreclosure! Yep, not in the place 2 weeks and I may end up getting evicted before my year is up! I am hoping that the rent goes towards keeping the foreclosure away.
– My change of address from my old place, which was a post office box, got messed up. I filled out the card and gave it to the postal clerk – along with my box key. She input the data and I even got a refund of rent. Last week I got a letter form the post office confirming my move – but the “old” address they listed was an entirely different town. The letter said if the info was incorrect to call the provided number. I did and guess what. They can’t do anything over the phone or on the web. I have to GO INTO A POST OFFICE. I was (am) a little perturbed.
– It is cold here. This is not a complaint – just a statement of fact. The daily highs are in the upper 60s and lower 70s – the nights in the 60s. That is actually very pleasant and I enjoy it. The cold part is from my office. They actually run air conditioning! I get so cold it hurts and then it is nearly impossible to get warm the rest of the evening! I run the heater in the car and I am very thankful that the car has heated seats (bun warmers we call them).
– The job is so much less stressful than what I’ve been dealing with the last 2 years. It seems wrong, somehow.
– I love going to sleep listening to the waves and I love waking up to that sound too. I haven’t slept this well in years. Every morning I am waking up refreshed and ready to embrace the day.

This is the view from my bedroom (taken with my iPhone):

Stay tuned – ocean photos coming!