Please don’t let me miss spring!

Well, seems like I’m working 12-15 hour days again.  It had been really, really cold at night (for me) — in the 30s.  As I leave home in the mornings I generally take a look at the time/temp sign outside the dentist across the street.  It’s been right around 37.  And when I’ve been getting home – around 47.  But tonight I left the office at 7:30 and when I got home I checked the sign…67!!!  Spring must be coming.  I only pray I’m not working so much I can’t enjoy it.

I’ve been posting photos of the Caribbean on my photoblog.  If you haven’t seen them yet, wonder on over to ShadowlandPhotography and see some gorgeous sights.

Up and running

Well, what a week! I had today (Friday) off and it’s been wonderful, but a bit frustrating. I woke up in the wee hours of this morning – not an uncommon occurrence. But when I went over to the computer I discovered that the Internet was down! ARGH. It was down ALL day, until just a bit ago. But now I’m up and running and life is good again. (Should all problems be this small…) Anyway.

For those of you who visit me occasionally you probably know that Kate, from Inspired, and I have a collaborative photography site, Shared Focus,  Every couple of weeks we both have a new photo with our interpretation of a theme.  In preparation of this week’s input I’ve been practicing my still life photography — and shooting totally in manual mode.  I am really delighted with my first efforts.  Make sure to go to Shared Focus on Sunday and check us out.  And you can visit Shadowland Photography now and check out one of my other images.

Have a GREAT weekend!

Glass Half Full

So, last week I was ranting and raving and wanting out.  And why?  Because of a few stumbles?  How silly, but it took some reminders to realize that this too will pass.  And it has, for the most part.

All the bushes are planted AND the deer haven’t had them for supper (yet)…


There isn’t anything wrong with the septic tank.  Apparently we do not know how to flush potties (water conserving ones).  A skill that has recently been mastered, and so, no more issues!


The riding lawn mower still doesn’t work.  But it will soon.  And so what if the grass gets long?  It’s been a long time since I’ve had a green lawn to admire!


And so, once again – my glass is half full!