BOO! I’m late!!

Well here it is almost a full week into November and I’m just getting ready to post Halloween photos!

My eldest Daughter’s house:


Granddaughter Lily – The Butterfly


Grandson Carlos – aka Robin, the Caped Crusader


I didn’t get to see if my eldest Grandson Gabe got to go out. ¬†ūüôĀ

Winter Solstice

Where I am the Winter Solstice was today. ¬†At 9:47am to be precise. ¬†I look forward to this day for weeks, maybe even months. ¬†And do you know why? ¬†Because here it is the shortest day of the year, and after today I will get a few more moments of day light each day. ¬†How wonderful is that? ¬†More sun!! ¬†I think I should live near the equator so I don’t have these short days. ¬†Now the sun is just coming up when I leave for work and it is totally dark when I go home in the evening. ¬†Soon I’ll have light on both ends of my workday.

My “baby” is home from university (with her boyfriend) and we are all at my middle daughter’s enjoying wonderful hospitality. ¬†We are getting ready for Christmas – the baking of cookies has begun, the tree is decorated, beautiful voices singing carols fill the space. ¬†I am having such a wonderful time. ¬†I’ve been taking LOTS of photos, but there doesn’t seem to be anytime to process or post them. ¬†I will have some up soon tho.

I hope you are enjoying the season of love too.

And all is right in my world…

I woke up this morning and decided that it wasn’t as light as it should be. ¬†So I turned over and went back to sleep. ¬†Later I awoke again, and while it still wasn’t as light as I thought it should be I decided to get up. ¬†When I eventually made my way to the kitchen I was surprised to see it was nearly 10! ¬†(I am generally up, without an alarm, between 5 and 6.)

I looked out the dining room slider into the little courtyard and saw that the pavement was wet.  Now it took a couple of minutes for this to process.  It had RAINED!  I live in the desert, and it had rained.


The sky was all cloudy.


So I went outside to make sure, and yep – the rain stink was there! ¬†(I’m told that the smell is from the creosote bushes getting wet and let me tell you, it’s not all that pleasant to me.)

So I made a beautiful breakfast of cappuccino, range free eggs and English toasting bread.  Delicious!


I spent the day working on Christmas projects and generally feeling good (this is something rain does for me).

Thanksgiving I spent with eldest daughter and family. ¬†It was great to be with family. ¬†Friday morning we continued our visit and then I headed back. ¬†Here’s H and G saying ‘bye to me.


Tomorrow I’ll continue working on the Christmas projects and just enjoying being at home.

Being close to family is one of the biggest benefits of my going back to work!