On The Road (again)

So, this post is coming to you from Benton, Texas which is just outside of Ft Worth. It’s been 2 full days driving since leaving California. Should be “home” in time for lunch tomorrow.

And what a trip!  Yesterday wewere in a traffic jam where it took just over an hour to go 4 miles. Today we had a reservation in Abilene TX. It was in the downtown area, which was NOT up and coming, to say the least   The lobby was filthy with a broken air conditioner, and it was 111 outside. But we got the key and, opmistically went to the room. UGH!  Filthy doesn’t begin to describe it. And stinky. The lights didn’t work and the sheets were wrinkled as if they’d been slept in for a week or more. We left.

Not far out of Abilene we were hit by 2 storms with rain so bad we had to pull off the road forabout 20 min.

Buy we are in a beautiful, clean, non-stinky room now so life is good.


Home again…for awhile

3,588+ miles. Now that is a road trip!

I’ve been home for nearly a week now.  Had a big road trip.  Middle daughter and grandkids came up and we packed up almost everything in the condo, and took off about half way across to the US to Louisiana.  Put everything in the house and took care of some necessary work, then headed to San Antonio to see my youngest daughter graduate (with honors!).  She works this summer and then starts her graduate degree in the fall.  Then we headed to middle daughter’s and then I came home.

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A big road trip but such fun. On the way there I drove the 14′ u-haul. The grad kids took turns ridding with me and it was so much fun! On the way back we were all together and had lots of time for laughing and joking and great conversation.

Fun, fun, fun!

August Break -3


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The above was taken today near Texas Canyon in Arizona.  Chelsea did well in her surgery – no complications – and was released late yesterday afternoon.  Chelsea’s surgeon knew that we needed to get her back to university at San Antonio, and so Chelsea was released for travel yesterday.  We are pacing the trip as slowly as we can with still arriving on Monday.  Yesterday we went 4 hours to one of my daughter’s and spend the night.  Tonight we’re in Deming NM.  Tomorrow our goal is Ft Stockton TX and then on into San Antonio on Monday.  So far so good!

Back in California

Well, after nearly a month we arrived home yesterday. We’d gotten to my middle daughter’s on Thursday so we had time for a bit of a rest before the final leg of the journey. (I love staying there – she spoils me something awful!)

Anyway, we are catching up on the mail and shopping. Getting ready to return to work. But I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the sights of our return trip.

Fellow travelers…


One thing good about the route we took – there was very little traffic.  Except for bugs, the unlucky ones are splattered across the windscreen…


At the rest stop – it was a hurried affair, after CAREFULLY checking the toilet area!


There were rocks…


At one of the gas stations we stopped at…


I find this type of cactus a bit scary.  They are frequently over 10′ tall.  There were two “forests” of these we passed through.  Strangely we lost cell phone coverage when these were about….


There was a 6 mile stretch of dunes.  They are magnificent, and I found it somewhat ironic that one of the man-made aqua ducts runs through them…


But no matter where you rest your head, there’s no place like home!