In the Moment

With our hectic lives, running here and there, trying to fit everything in to our precious little time, I think that sometimes we forget about what “it” really is about.  I was reminded today of a Buddhist teaching and I’d like to share it with you.

The mind is restless, unsteady,
hard to guard, hard to control.
The wise one makes it straight,
like a fletcher straightens an arrow.

How good it is to rein the mind
Which is unruly, capricious,
rushing wherever it pleases.
The mind so harnessed
will bring one happiness.

Your worst enemy cannot harm you
as much as your own unguarded thoughts.
A well-directed mind creates more happiness
Than even the loving actions of your parents.

–Buddha Shakyamuni

I hope that today you can find time to still your mind and really appreciate what life is all about.


Will the winds of change blow?

I’ve just finished reading The Girl with no Shadow by Joanne Harris, which is the followup to Chocolat.  I LOVED the movie Chocolat, so with this new book came out I just knew I had to read it.  However, into the first chapter I decided that I needed to read the novel before continuing because there were references in The Girl… from Chocolat which weren’t in the movie.

So, read it I did.  And then I read The Girl…  It’s a great book, but it took me awhile to read – because of all the chores that need tending to.  And now I’m left feeling strangely restless.  Which is exactly how I felt when I saw the movie Chocolat and read the book.  For some reason I really relate to the main character – Vianne Rocher.  No, I’m not a witch (am I?), but I am a traveler.  I often feel that I too must move when the wind calls.

I used to dream of flying.  Not in an airplane, but actual flying.  In these dreams I could fly and ride the wind, looking down on the earth below.  Never too high, just above the tree tops.  And sometimes, instead of soaring I found I would glide and land, glide and land.

And now, once again, I am restless.  Who knows, perhaps I’ll ride the wind again tonight in my dreams.


There is a restlessness growing inside of me, and I don’t know why.

The house is nearly complete. The “to do” list is rapidly disappearing. The house wears my flavor and feels like home. Yet, inside of me the restlessness grows.

I sat outside tonight as the sun disappeared. The trees are putting on their colours. The greens are now mixed with yellows, reds, oranges and browns. I can see further into the forest as the leaves float slowly to the ground. Soon they will be bare. And inside of me, the restlessness grows.

The sounds of the night envelope me. Birds and all of the bugs I cannot name, nor recognize. In the distance a dog howls. There is not one single mechanical sound – not a single engine shatters the natural stillness. Even the wind is silent tonight. And still, the restlessness grows.

The days are becoming shorter, the nights longer. Cooler weather is here, and the cold is just around the corner. I know this is how it should be, and I will be able to make plans for the gardens and do other in-door tasks until the spring. This is natural and how things should be. Yet, inside of me the restlessness grows.

I find joy in so many places. The voices of my family and friends, the smell of the clean air, the nightly serenades from the bugs, the wildlife that visits me daily, the stillness. And still, the restlessness grows.

I am not looking for answers. They will come in time. But right now,there is a restlessness growing inside of me, and I don’t know why.


I have two sisters, one is about 8 years younger than I am and the other is about 12 years younger. Since I left home at 17 and then have spent the time since then living all over, I never really knew these two girls/women very well. Yes, we would occasionally see one another every few years and it was always easy to spend time with them and catch up. But we would all know that I would shortly be leaving not to be seen again for a long time.

One of the things I’ve been looking forward to is getting to know my sisters.

In mid-July my sister from Texas (the one about 8 years younger) came up to our area. She has in-laws to consider but I was lucky enough to get to spend an entire day with her. She came to my place and we just talked, and talked and talked. About everything under the sun. I was able to spend another couple of hours with her later in the week at my other sister’s home.

Yesterday my other sister came to the house and spent the day. Once again, we were able to talk and talk. It was wonderful. This sister lives about an hour away, so I am able to see her more frequently and that is really nice.

Both of these women are strong, wonderful, beautiful people. I enjoyed my day with each of them so much and I’m looking forward to spending more time with them. It is a bit strange how years have gone by (the Texas sister I haven’t seen for about 4 years, the other for 2), and remembering that I never really knew these two folks when I was at home, that I feel so comfortable spending time and talking to my sisters. I really like the person they have each become and I am really looking forward to spending more time with them.

And so today, as I reflect on the many blessings that I enjoy, I will spend time thinking of my family and how much I love them and how lucky I am that they are in my life.


I’ve been in, well not actually a “funk” but I guess it could be called a more reflective mood of late. Perhaps as my career draws to a close and I’m about to embark on a new journey is making me look back. Perhaps not.

Anyway, the other day I was in Starbucks (not an unusual occurrence) and Otis Redding’s I’ve Got Dreams To Remember was playing. I love that song. One thing lead to another, so I’m sharing a few tunes with you today. If you like this type of music, close your eyes and remember…

I’ve Got Dreams To Remember (Otis Redding)

I’ve Been Loving You (Otis Redding)

Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers (Jeff Beck)