Christmas Eve

Well, the children are certainly nestled and snug in their beds (and so are the grandkids)!  This is the second Christmas in a row that I have all my girls and their families under one roof and I am SO excited about it.  In fact – I am the one having trouble sleeping!  By the time Santa come and the kids get up I am going to be so sleepy!  But that won’t keep me from enjoying all the fun.

Today graham cracker houses were constructed:




And it snowed in the dining room:


The baking is finally done:


And even the cat is finally calling it a day:


Yes, finally everything has come together and now it is only the waiting until Christmas morning!

Domestic Goddess Strikes Again

Yep – this weekend I was in a creative mood.  More specifically, a kitchen-type creative mood.  So I decided to make what had been my all time favorite cupcake, Citrus-Basil.  But I could not find my recipe!  I imagine it’s in storage along with 99% of all my possessions.  But the good thing about the internet is you can usually find the recipe again.  So, off I went surfing the web.  It took awhile, but I found it.  I also found a recipe for Lime-Basil cupcakes.  I couldn’t make up my mind, so I made them both!

Citrus-Basil Cupcakes with Basil Cream Cheese Frosting:


Lime Ginger Cupcakes with Lime Basil Frosting:


Now I realize these photos look remarkably similar, but the first one (made with basil syrup) has a delicate, soft green icing with flecks of basil.  Just make them – you’ll agree about the color.  (I’ve linked both to my cooking site.)

I also made a couple of candles today.  For my birthday I asked my folks if they would mind fixing up a “home made” wax melter – and they did.  I’ve had it for over a week and been so impatient to give it a go.  So today I made the time and made the candles.  It works like a DREAM!!  I can’t wait to get them out of the molds and share them with you!

And, to finish off the domestic-goddess theme, I bought a new (new to me, but it’s a used) sewing machine.  It’s the Bernina 1130 (ancient, I know).  It should arrive not later than 5 April.  Again – can’t wait!!

And with all that, and laundry and other household chores, I’m worn out.  So I’m going to treat myself to an early night and enjoy a movie while I lay in my bed (and fall asleep)

It’s here!!

Got to tell you – I am so excited.  When I moved here I had to make decisions, tough decisions, about what to bring and what to leave in storage.  One of those items I left in storage was my Kitchaid mixer.  It was one of the models with the tilt head, and was not inexpensive.  But it was over 10 years old and for the majority of it’s life I ran it off of a transformer (step down from 220v to 110v) and the motor was going.  I couldn’t bear to just dispose of it, so I put it in storage.

Now I’m a baker – not professional, but I love to bake.  And the holidays are approaching.  I was feeling blue – no mixer.  And I love to bake – did I mention that – and everything I bake is from scratch.  So I began to search the internet for “deals” on Kitchenaids.  Well, I found the refurbished shop and wouldn’t you know it?  There was one there with my name on it.  Not literally, but it did speak to me.

And so I looked at the description.  Yep, pro series, 475 watt motor.  But, I told myself, kids are all gone and I really don’t need to bake so much.  And so I left it.  But still it called to me.  Finally I decided, what the heck.  Found the refurbished shop again and it was even lower priced.  So….

It arrived today.  I LOVE it, and I don’t even care that it’s too big to fit under the counter and will be in the way.  It’s beautiful, I love it and I cannot wait to mix and bake!


Isn’t it gorgeous?