Happy Holidays

Metta Prayer

May all beings be happy, content and fulfilled.

May all beings be healed and whole.

May all have whatever they want and need.

May all be protected from harm and free from fear.

May all beings enjoy inner peace and ease.

May all be awakened, liberated, and free,

May there be peace in this world and throughout the entire universe.

Namaste, my dear friends.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


My youngest and her boyfriend arrived on Friday. All my girls are in the same state now! And while we all won’t be together for the holidays, we’ll be spending Christmas Day at my eldest daughter’s with her family and then on the 28th we’ll be having a second Christmas celebration with my middle daughter and her family! I’m so excited.

And the count down for my “permanent” retire is on. 30 June 2012 is when I’m going to pack it in (or in this case pack it in the u-haul) and head for Louisiana. I’m excited. My first retirement lasted only a year, but I still remember the joys of no job. Staying up as late as I wanted, sleeping in, doing what I wanted and when I wanted. I miss those days and I was so busy I couldn’t figure out how I’d ever found time to work. Well, let me tell you that the time to work comes at the expense of fun things, and spending your time doing what you want. Being with friends and family, photography, reading, walking, and now soap making and so forth will fill my hours. And yes, I know I’ll miss the money the full time job brings in, but I don’t think it’s worth the sacrifice of what I have to give up. So I am looking forward to 1 July!

Hope you all are doing well and enjoying the Season!

First of the Winter Holiday Soaps!

After testing scent after scent this summer I’ve finally settled on three of them (with lots of noses helping).

The scent is a bit tart and spicy with notes of cardamon and cinnamon.  Its name is “Hot Toddy” – a nice warm, spicy drink.  The top is a bit lighter than the base – symbolizing a frothy drink, and dusted with cinnamon.  And a few lucky customers will even have a piece of cinnamon stick embedded in their little slice of heaven.

Here’s a look at the slab:

and a look at the three logs it made. Yes, I’ve cut them into bars, but those photos will wait until I have some time with the lightbox!

My Christmas Wish To You


I know I’ve posted this Meta prayer before, but I love it so here it is again.  Perfect for Christmas!

May all beings be peaceful
May all beings be happy
May all beings be safe
May all beings awaken to the light of their true nature
May all beings be free

However you chose to spend this day, I hope you find joy and contentment and that you are happy and safe.  Merry Christmas to you!