A day at the beach

This past week saw Chelsea and I meeting up with Steph and Grandkids in San Diego.  Steph (middle daughter) was taking her state board and Chelsea (youngest daughter) and I were there to provide morale support and watch the kids.  Shortly after Steph left for her exam I loaded everyone in the car and it was off to Coronado Island for some fun.

We saw big boats,


and little ones.


We swung so high we touched the sky…


we went on a purple slide (a double one at that), and


dug for treasure.


Steph is sure she did well on her test, so we celebrated at a great Afghan restaurant in San Diego.


Had a great time!


OK – two posts in one day.  What can I say?

(The Future by Cohen is playing as I write this – I’m in LOVE with this song…you can click on the right sidebar to hear it too)

My friend Judy received a pasta attachment to her Kitchenaid this year and has been enjoying home-made pasta.  That made me a wee bit envious, but them I that a few years ago my Wonderful Mum gave me a pasta machine for Christmas.  AND it was one of the few treasures I brought with me.  So I went out to the garage and found it.  I then found the recipe I wanted to use, and inspiration from the internet.  The result?  HEAVEN!


Go on over to What’s For Tea, Mum? and you too can make this tasty delight!

Up and running

Well, what a week! I had today (Friday) off and it’s been wonderful, but a bit frustrating. I woke up in the wee hours of this morning – not an uncommon occurrence. But when I went over to the computer I discovered that the Internet was down! ARGH. It was down ALL day, until just a bit ago. But now I’m up and running and life is good again. (Should all problems be this small…) Anyway.

For those of you who visit me occasionally you probably know that Kate, from Inspired, and I have a collaborative photography site, Shared Focus,  Every couple of weeks we both have a new photo with our interpretation of a theme.  In preparation of this week’s input I’ve been practicing my still life photography — and shooting totally in manual mode.  I am really delighted with my first efforts.  Make sure to go to Shared Focus on Sunday and check us out.  And you can visit Shadowland Photography now and check out one of my other images.

Have a GREAT weekend!

Oh happy day

I was setting at the kitchen table this morning, reading blogs and eating my oatmeal 

(those are peaches in the oatmeal, which I froze in the summer – and
just in case you are wondering, my cholesterol was a bit high (203) 
and I want to lower it before my next check up at the end of Feb)
Anyway, I was eating my breakfast and reading blogs when all of a sudden I became aware of a sound coming from my bedroom.  My ears perked up and I identified the strange sound as running WATER!!  So I jumped up and ran to my bathroom and sure enough – glorious water was gushing from the tap.  I ran back to another part of the house, got down on my hands and knees, opened up the floor and turned on the hot water tap.  Then up and back to my bathroom and sure enough – hot AND cold water.  Happy, happy days!!

Eating well

In the late 1980s we lived in New Zealand. It was very easy to eat wholesome and well. There were several vegetarian restaurants in our town (Christchurch) so going out to eat was a no-brainer. They had even banned smoking in them. (And you wonder why I love NZ?)

There was even a store that sold only locally grown produce. Yes, eating well was an easy task then.

After returning to the US it became harder to get quality ingredients. Produce is stores is not only shipped from across the US, but across the globe. Produce didn’t taste nearly as good, and signs warning us to wash the produce (sometimes using bleach water) was common. My dr told me I had to give up my vegetarian life and at least eat fish and chicken — he felt the folic acid was critical to the development of my unborn baby.

Slowly the quality of what we consumed was diminishing. I still cooked our meals (for the most part), and all of our baked goodies were from scratch. Once in a while we’d do a fast food run. We didn’t go out to restaurants because we’d moved into a place where everyone was a big BEEF eater.

A few years, and moves later, the quality of our intake was still declining. We ate out more often (and much less nutritiously). One by one my oldest girls left home, leaving the youngest. With just two it became easier to eat out. So we did.

Over the past couple of years I have been trying to bring our eating habits back in line with the way we lived in the late 1980s. In Japan it was easier to go to restaurants that didn’t use pre-made foods and that are just heated. That was nice.

Then I retired and moved to the mid-west. Talk about carnivores! Beef and fried food are the way of life here. And, with all the things that have been going on, we have started frequenting fast food establishments. And I thought perhaps they really weren’t that bad — after all, you can get grilled chicken wraps now. And sandwiches with little fat. Right?

So we work, we eat, and slowly begin to be sluggish. And we wonder why. So I had already decided to start eating more healthy and buying organic when possible. And then yesterday my daughter sent me this link.

Need I say more?

PS – I really enjoyed reading the article and the blog, so I have added a link on this site. (See Best of Mother Earth on the right).