Count Down to Bali!

So, on Sunday I leave for an incredible adventure to Bali.  I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about this trip!  And as an added bonus I was able to visit my daughter in San Antonio and now I’m with my daughter in southern CA.  Talk about lucky!

I flew in to San Diego and my daughter took me to the ocean (isn’t that wonderful?)!  So while I enjoyed the ocean:

And everyone else blew bubbles!

What fun we had!  And now we are in El Centro, CA which isn’t nearly as pleasant.  At noon the temp is 98 on its way to our high of 105, humidity is 46%.


So, a couple of weeks ago I went to visit my eldest daughter in Georgia.  And then, leaving son-in-law and grandson home, we went to a OneRepulic concert.  I am delighted to say that they sound just as good (perhaps even better?) live than their recordings.  But wow!  Has concert etiquette changed since the last time time I attended a concert (which was apparently in the Dark Ages of the 90s when this same daughter and I went to see Pink Floyd).  Why, oh why, would you go to a concert only to arrive drunk?  Why is smoking OK – and even if it is OK why is it acceptable to flick your cigarette butt off into the crowd?  And what is with standing through the entire thing?  I think that will probably be the last live concert I attend.

Anyway, the music was great.

Greetings from Sunny California

Well, here I am back in beautiful, sunny Southern California!  At home today the high is supposed to be 55 and here it’s going to be 80.  Sunny skies as well.  Just about perfect!

I’m visiting my middle daughter and we’re having fun.  Last Sunday was my birthday, this coming one is hers so it’s fun to get together to celebrate.  Tomorrow we leave for Ontario, CA.  Steph and I will be spending Friday enjoying “The Road To California” – a quilter’s convention/show.  We are only going to spend 1 day there but I’m sure we will enjoy the heck out of it.  That night we are going to meet long-time friends for a catch up dinner.

Life doesn’t get much better!  Peace and love to you all!

More family!

My youngest, Chelsea, and her boyfriend arrived last night.  Now only one of my daughters hasn’t made it home, but her son (my eldest grandson) is still in school.  We are having a great time.

Today we all went to see Cirque de Soleil’s production of Varekai.  I’ve seen them perform on TV and they were awesome, but a recorded event doesn’t hold a candle to seeing them live.  It was fantastic and we were all mesmerized by the performance.  What a great way to celebrate the holidays with loved ones!

Hope you all are having an amazing December.


Steph and her family from California arrived Friday evening after many delays en-route.  It is so good to see them and to have them a part of my daily life, even for a short period of time.

We are having so much fun!  We have been to favorite restaurants and on Sunday afternoon we went and saw the local ballet production of “The Nut Cracker”.  The kids loved it (as did the adults).  We had great seats (thanks Steph) and I’m not sure we even blinked throughout the performance.  There were two “guest” ballerinas from the San Francisco ballet company and that was a real treat as well.  We did some research on The Nut Cracker and guess what.  The first performance in the US was in 1944 and was performed by the San Francisco Ballet Company!  I thought it delightful that the first company who presented the ballet sent two of their best to assist in this production.

It hasn’t been all fun and games tho.  The day after they arrived the plumbing backed up!  The plumber came yesterday and now everything is working again.  We are all very happy that the potties once again work!

And yesterday afternoon my 8-year old grandson started coming down with a cold.  Umcka to the rescue and we are hoping to have caught it in time so he’ll feel better faster.

Wishing you and yours all the best this beautiful December!