Failure to communicate

So, October is here.  Which means I’ve been officially retired (the second time) for 3 months and here in Louisiana for about 6 weeks.  And what have I learned?  i’ve learned that retirement is wonderful, home ownership is so much more expensive than I thought, and that I cannot effectively communicate in my own country.

Example 1:  I purchased my pro stove, pro hood, dishwasher and washing machine from a local company.  They recommended an installer to make bring all my appliances to the house and hook them up.  I had to have 220v run for the convection oven, and since I wanted my laundry room moved to where it was originally in the house, 220v run for the washing machine.  The electrician came and fixed the electric for the oven, but told me to have the plumber in first.

It’s a beautiful range and hood – and I love them.  But look closely at the hood.  Notice how it doesn’t vent any where?  That is because the installer doesn’t “do” duct work.  So I still need to figure out who does duct work and have them come complete the job.

Example 2:  Plumber came out and while I thought they’d go under the house and reconnect the hot and cold water and the drain, I was wrong.  They said it would be better to come through where the “new” laundry room was located.  Here’s a professional plumbing job if there ever was one:

That is a hole in the wall in the pantry (previously the laundry room) and while you can’t see it here, behind that big pipe is the bath tub in one of the guest bathrooms.  The bit with the duct tape is my sorry attempt at trying to keep critters out of the house.

Example #3.  The electricians told me that whoever did the previous renovations cut the wires totally in the old laundry room, and this I can believe.  They said they’d run some conduit and I ASSUMED that the conduit would run to the laundry room and that they’d be able to somehow use the old outlets.  I was wrong.

My new extra outlets!

The new dryer outlet.

My new light – and one of my daughter said it looked like art and maybe it’d be fun to have more conduit ran in spokes coming from the light.  Sounds good to me.

I’d hoped to have the walls repainted before my furniture arrives (which is in 2 days so that isn’t happening).  I’ve tried color after color and can’t find anything I like.  The lighting is strange and every color looks like a different shade on each wall.  Here’s what it looks like now:

Wall 1with purples and yellow .  The light colors weren’t working so I thought I’d try dark…

Doesn’t work for me either.

One thing that is going well is that my Dad is installing my new surround sound system.  We have the holes drilled for the center speakers and the rear speakers.  So I have 4 holes in my walls like this one with wire coming out:

We still have to get the wires from the receiver, up through the walls behind the TV to the attic and then across to the holes and then the job will be done.  But it is harder than it sounds.  All of the interior walls are wall board OVER 1″ thick board, which is attached to 2x4s.  To it is slow going, but I am happy knowing the house is so well constructed.  (Note: the more recent renovations like the “new” laundry room are just dry wall attached to 2x4s.)

The older cat has just about had it:

And I’m sure you will all be delighted to hear that Bilbo Baggins didn’t die after all.  He’s alive and well in Bossier City, Louisiana where he opened a sports bar:

Hope this finds you all well and enjoying life!

Lucky Klutz

Hello World!  Well, remember la few days ago when I awoke and said I was ready to embrace the new day?  It was a good thing I was filled with peace and calm because I had a bit of a rough start.

One of the joys about working again is a paycheck.  I LOVE Starbucks, and there is one close to me.  So each morning I go there and get a cup of coffee to enjoy.  And I do so enjoy it.  Especially that first sip of the day.  Your mouth is untainted by any other beverage or food, the coffee is warm and rich.  It smells delightful and has a taste to match.

Anyway, I got my cup of coffee and took it to the car and placed it in my cup holder.  Somehow my key chain tucked itself under the lip of the cover on the coffee, lifted the entire cup and deposited it on the floor of the truck between my feet – spilling the entire contents on the floor (yet not getting a drop on me)!  Sigh.

Back into the shop I take my sorry self – and get in the long line to await my second cup of coffee.  And the lady spots me – inquires why I’m back.  After hearing my tale of woe – tells me to go on over to the pickup station and receive my replacement beverage FREE!  I couldn’t believe it.  No charge for being a klutz!

Somedays things just cannot go wrong no matter what happens!

Cure for insomnia?

Well, the dr has decided to change my blood pressure meds.  I started on the new one last Wednesday and guess what.  One of the side effects is insomnia.  Now I’ve never suffered from insomnia before.  Yes, I’ve gone a night or two when I was working through issues and didn’t sleep well.  But insomnia?  Not me.  Well, between Wed night and Monday morning I don’t think I even got a total of 8 hours of sleep.  Yesterday was so hard at work – I just wasn’t functional.  The brain was in a total fog.

Last night I went to Starbucks and ordered my usual (triple shot cappuccino, dry).  The barista asked if I’d ever had a macchiato and when I answered no he fixed me one “one the house”.  He said he thought I’d like it as much as the cappuccino since I always ordered it “dry” and that it’d be cheaper.  So I enjoyed my beverages and decided he was right.  I went back in to make sure I’d be able to order what he fixed me.  He’d fixed me a triple shot macchiato.

So, last night before bed I consumed SIX shots of espresso (and not de-caff either)!!  Guess what.  I slept like a baby and awoke refreshed this morning.

Go figure.