Embracing the dark

It started about 3am.  HUGE claps of thunder.  You know the kind, right?  It shakes the house and sounds like in the movies – usually scary movies!  Then lightening ripped the night.  And the rain – big, heavy drops beating down on the house, the pavement, everything.  The cats went and hid, I snuggled down in the covers and enjoyed the show until I fell asleep.

Today it continues, it is dark.  The big thunder continues to rumble and the lighting comes ripping through the grey sky.  Then it clears up a bit.  The rain, thunder and lightening subside and the skies grow less grey.  All is quiet.  And then the darkness returns and the show continues.  I just love days like this (well, not everyday but once in a while).

Yesterday was sunny and bright.  I was able to catch the deer in my garden twice, but I wasn’t fast enough to grab my iPhone let alone my camera so I don’t have those pics to share.  Suffice to say that, unless the deer decide to start liking melon, it appears that will be the one crop that I can harvest.  So far they’ve also left the lavender, rosemary, and cilantro alone.  Fingers crossed.

And one of my hydrangeas has produced its first flower – a blue/purple one.  I bought it in April and it was a sorry little stick with no leaves.  As you can see, its pretty healthy now!

I have two of these little bushes planted in front of the house.  The other one isn’t as tall or as full as this one, and has one flower hidden under leaves – its pink.  I’ll have to work on the ph of the soil as I prefer the blue/purple ones but then I keep hearing a little voice “bloom where you are planted” so perhaps I’ll have a blue/purple side of the house and a pink side!

Have a great day.

The fog

Well, it’s been busy at work and then when I’m home its busy getting ready for November sales at the mall. One of my daughters and I will be sharing a kiosk for the weekend of Nov 11 and then the weekend following Thanksgiving (including “Black Friday”). I am super excited. And we got a prime location. The mall is set up so that one of the entrances is through Macy’s. When you exit Macy’s there is a big area which will be devoted to a train set up for kids to ride and Santa will be there. Our kiosk is just past all the fun. To the right of the kiosk is a maternity shop and a candy shop. Sears is also that way. Directly across from Macy’s at the other end of the hall way are the bathrooms and food court. To the left all the other shops. So I am sure we’ll do really well.

Took a tumble today. Apparently I tripped over my own two feet! I was in the process of going to the car (after just having thrown out the trash) to go to the farmer’s market. Next thing I knew I was on the ground. Knees and palms to most of the damage, but the road is rough and my arms hurt too. Took a bit to get the little rocks and debris out of the scrapes. Decided it was an indication that I didn’t really need to go out today!

Yesterday we had some fantastic fog. Living near the ocean we often get fog, but this came in yesterday evening and you could see it! I grabbed my camcorder and have a bit of it to share with you. I put it on fast forward so hope it isn’t too boring!

Love the fog!

Hope you all have a wonderful week. If you are curious as to soap making you can check out my channel on youtube, don’t laugh too hard!!

So quiet…

Well today Ms Chelsea went back to San Antonio.  I already miss her, but it is the way of life.  She is ready to get back to her own life and studies.

We spent yesterday at Victoria Gardens, which is an outdoor shopping mall near the airport in Ontario, California.  We had a great time window shopping, trying on clothes and enjoying the restaurants and coffee shops.  We were there about 6 hours, the last hour and a bit spent waiting for the hotel shuttle which we found out forgot about us!  Oh well.  We still had a great time.

It’s been a week.  We started off with more of this stuff:

But ended the week like this:

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Oh the weather outside is frightful…..

UGH!  I loathe the stuff.  It has been an unusually cold winter for us here in the desert.  The nights have been really cold, often below freezing, and our day time temps have been below normal.  It’s generally in the 50s at least.  While at my daughter’s over Christmas we were enjoying daytime temps in the 70s – she lives in a warmer desert than here.

But today it’s been cold and cloudy and another weather front moved in.  And we got snow.  One of the reasons I came to the desert was to get away from the cold and snow.

Yes, I already hear you folks who truly do live in the cold, cold climates.  I KNOW you get a ton of snow and how bitter cold it is.  But this is southern California and we get snow about once every ten years.


This past week was a major weather event for Southern California.  One storm after another hit – we had rain, wind, snow, hail, floods, mudslides and even a couple of tornadoes!  In and around LA people had to leave their homes for fear of mudslides – the result of the fires this past summer stripping away all vegetation and leaving the land exposed and vulnerable.  Thursday I had to leave the office for a few minutes and was greeted with this sight on my new car (taken with my iPhone)…


Darn snow is one of the reasons I left Illinois.  Then this morning I was awakened by two noisy cats – breakfast was not being served.  I went to the kitchen and looked out of the window — snow on the neighbor’s roof.  I went back to bed, feeling sorry for myself, and hid under the covers.  Several hours later when I awoke again the sun and made all that white stuff disappear!  YIPPEE.  Tonight it’s supposed to be 28F.  At least no snow in in the forecast.

Time until my ship sets sail:  5 days, 11 hours and 22 minutes!