Before I Die…



First – thank you all for your kind words of support at the loss of one of my best friends.  Comments to this post, my FaceBook post and the phone calls have brought me a lot of comfort.

After cleaning and moving the washer this morning I sat down with my morning cup of coffee.  I don’t have TV (yet – if ever) and I watch through the web.  I love Ted Talks.  This one was up today.  Serendipity?

Week 3 of retirement

Has it really almost been 3 weeks! Where does the time go? Things are hot here in El Centro (weather wise), but that is normal. Our daily temps are between 106 and 118. Thank heavens for air conditioning – and I can’t even imagine living here without it!

My daughter is making an amazing recovery from her surgery – hardly any pain and is slowly taking on more tasks during the day. It’s good to see the healing and health come back so quickly.

Youngest daughter arrives next Thursday – only a week away! We are all looking forward to that.

Tonight is the opening night for “Seussical, Jr” for my 9-year old granddaughter. She has been attending a theatrical summer camp and the play is a musical based on Dr Seuss characters. We are all excited. Dad and brother go tonight, Mom and I tomorrow night. Final performance is Saturday afternoon and not sure who is attending that one, but someone will.

The last couple of weeks before retirement I received some orders for soap loaves – 2 lb loafs of soap as they come out of the mold before I cut them. Here’s some photos of them:

From left to right: 2 loaves of Fairie Dust (custom colors), Green Tea, and Good Morning:

Top of Good Morning – isn’t it beautiful?

The lady ordering Fairie Dust wanted it cut, so cut it I did (but didn’t wrap it). I’m glad because I got to take some photos of the inside which I think turned out pretty well. This is a red, pink, green swirl in a white base:

This one was supposed to be yellow swirl in a purple base – but colors being what they are they morphed into more of green and yellow with a bit of purple. But I like it!

Troll hair and alchemy

Remember those troll dolls that were so popular – decades ago?  Well I had one with bright orange hair.

Last month my hair stylist went to a coloring convention sponsored by Redken.  It was held in Manhattan and he had a blast.  He learned some new techniques and so on my last appointment in addition to bleaching most of my hair white, he put my purple in and then did some flames.  Red at the base and changing to orange at the tips.  The result did indeed resemble a flame.  And then I came home and over the next couple of days it faded to a soft apricot.  And then it went away.  So today I was back and he used my normal color – which lasts for about 4 weeks and then fades slowly over the next couple — so I only have to go in every 6 weeks.

Well today the effect isn’t so much like flames, it’s more of troll doll hair.  But it’ll fade a bit over the next few days so maybe I’ll get to flame again….

Photo on 2010-11-13 at 22.41-1

The purple is on the other side:

Photo on 2010-11-13 at 22.41 #2

And tonight I got out my pots and pans, and other tools of the trade and whipped up a small batch of soap.  This one is cocoa with orange scent with calendula.  It has now joined the Castile and Dragon’s Blood soap to cure in the house.  The patchouli and the tea tree are curing in the garage (they were a bit too fragrant to keep in the house until they mellow).

And to start my day off I attended my intermediate quilting class.  I fail at triangles – but I will persevere and overcome them one of these days.  I’m not admitting defeat mind you, but I’ve moved on to applique.  And I’m hoping to get my quilt out and get busy with the machine quilting.

Ah, so much to do and so little time.  Work gets in my way of playing!

The weekend is almost over –

and boy do I have something to show for it this time.  I finished my first quilt top – sort of.  I have all the piecing done and it just needs a border or two.   The pattern is entitled Zen, and I bought it as a kit.  It had some brighter fabrics, so I purchased more dark ones.  I am really pleased with the result.  I’ve draped it over the queen size blow-up bed for these photos..




I’m pretty happy with the result!

Fat Bottomed Girls

Remember that old Queen song “Fat Bottomed Girls”?  Well today I thought of it.  And I’ll tell you why.

As you know, I’ve started quilting.  And let me tell you I really love working with fabric again.  Today I decided to stop by my favorite quilt shop and pick up some new blades for my rotary cutter.  Now, it’s always a bit of a challenge to go into the shop and only get what I went in for.  I generally walk out with something I hadn’t planned on, and today was no exception.  The quilt shop had just gotten in a “series” of whimsical fabrics – and with a sea-side theme to boot.  The theme features “women of a certain age”, viewed from the back in swimsuits.  And the swimsuits are fruits.  Sounds strange, I know.  But I fell in love with them and decided they’d be perfect for a tote.  So I bought the fabric and the pattern (and yes, I didn’t forget my blades).  I’m now hard at work on my new tote.  But it’s going to be a few days before I get it finished and I just have to share this fabric with you.  I am leaving the photo large so you can better appreciate it!


“Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin’ world go round” (lyrics from the Queen song).