No more road trips for a while – please


In a week and a half I put 3,689 miles on my car.  I do enjoy road trips, but I am sore from head to toe and oh, so weary.  Now I’m home and trying to get the house organized.    The dining room is done (it consists of a folding table and folding chairs) and I spent the rest of the day on the office.  The printer took 2 hours to set up – couldn’t get it to print for anything.  Paper jam after paper jam.  Finally went on line and was unhooking it to do the clean the rollers thing when I discovered I’d not pushed in the bit in the back that does the paper feeding.  Worked like a charm.  But couldn’t get it to print via wireless from the iMac.  Looked and somehow the drivers on the computer had been deleted (probably by me or the cat!).  Installed and, just like magic, everything worked.  It even works with the Dell laptop for my business.  How is that for just perfect?  Still need to hoover the floor and clean with the steamer.

Cleaning the living room was on the agenda for today since my new couch and chair are being delivered tomorrow, along with the new surround system.  But I’m tired and sore so that’ll be a task for the morning.

Kitchen looks like a typhoon hit it.  That too can wait – but not too long because I am so clumsy and the stacks are reaching critical mass.

I used to be able to do all the unpacking and getting the house together in about 3 days.  I moved so often i had it down to a science.  Now I’m older, I no longer have the energy.  The fibromyalgia is tricky too – some days the pain is just too much, but I’m lucky this trip and now – pain is pretty manageable.

The later part of September I’ll be going to Illinois to attend a nephew’s wedding and I’ll arrange to get the furniture that is in storage delivered.  It’s most of what I have, and the cost of bringing it down is so dear — but not as much as replacing it!  🙂

So I’m going to return to listening to iTunes while I finish up for the night!


Back to Normal?

Well, perhaps things will return to normal one day – and I’m on the road there.  I returned from my cruise 2 weeks ago this past Friday.  On the way driving home from the airport Middle Daughter called and asked if it was OK they came up for the weekend.  Heck yes!  So they did.  And surprise – she cooked did the shopping and then cooked enough meals to last me 2 weeks!  Freezer and fridge were wonderfully full.  I was off on the Monday, and they stayed until Tuesday morning.  I returned to work and came home to an empty house.  And I heated up a delightful meal.

I awoke on Wed all ache-y.  By the end of the day it was clear I was coming down with a cold.  I came home, took some meds and heated up another little meal before putting myself to bed.  I felt better Thurs morning – so off to the office I went.  Just couldn’t make it, so home I came where I took to my bed and stayed there (for the most part) until this past Thursday.  Boy – did that cold knock me for a loop.  I’ve still got a bit of it, but I’m feeling so much better.  Middle Daughter and family arrived on Thursday and she spent Friday cooking again.  My fridge and freezer are almost overflowing:


And if you know me, this is a very unusual sight as I’m generally out of almost everything!  Now the only thing I have to decide is which lovely meal I fancy each day.  THANK YOU STEPH!!

Before I came down with THE COLD I ordered a new computer.  27″ iMac.  It came while I was sick and I couldn’t even get it out of the box.  But I’m happy to report that it’s now resting on my desk.  I’ve spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening as well as today getting my software transferred from my MacBook to the new machine and tidying up my photos, transferring them.  And fixing my photoblog which decided to be a bit persnickety.


It’s a bit dark because of the lighting in my room — and a bit grainy because of the high ISO, but you get the idea.  My second monitor will be connected as soon as the mini adapter arrives later this week.

Back to work tomorrow – and I’d really rather be home playing.