A long, but great, day

Today was another day where I worked 12 hours.  Sigh.  But what a great day it has been:

– I was able to review all the contracts and supporting documents that were on my desk

– Cleaning ladies came today

– I have wonderful fresh, clean, super smooth (a gazillion count 100% cotton sheets) on the bed (which I cannot wait to climb into

– A spectacular sunset welcomed me home


– My organic produce was delivered to my door


And the good things aren’t over.  Tonight it is supposed to get into the low 60s which means that I can turn off the cooler and open the house up to let the cool night air in.  I will really enjoy my sleep tonight!

A day at the beach

This past week saw Chelsea and I meeting up with Steph and Grandkids in San Diego.  Steph (middle daughter) was taking her state board and Chelsea (youngest daughter) and I were there to provide morale support and watch the kids.  Shortly after Steph left for her exam I loaded everyone in the car and it was off to Coronado Island for some fun.

We saw big boats,


and little ones.


We swung so high we touched the sky…


we went on a purple slide (a double one at that), and


dug for treasure.


Steph is sure she did well on her test, so we celebrated at a great Afghan restaurant in San Diego.


Had a great time!

Florida – I love it!

Here I am in Florida, looking forward to my cruise which leaves tomorrow.  My flight left LAX at 1am this morning, perhaps next time I’ll book my own flight instead of letting the cruise company do that?  Anyway, I fell asleep just about as soon as the seat belt was buckled and slept until we landed.  Then it was a mad dash in Dallas to get onto the next flight – which actually turned out to be OK since I got to the gate, walked onto the plane, sat down, buckled up, took off and fell asleep again!

My hotel is gorgeous and is right on the beach.  I have a huge balcony and the door is open listening to the wind rustle through the palms and the waves crashing.  Here’s a little sample (thank you iPhone!)


And just in case you are curious:

Monday -Aruba

Tuesday – Curacao

Thursday  – Port of Spain

Friday – Barbados

Saturday – St Vincent

Sunday – St Kitts

Monday – St Thomas

Tuesday – San Juan

Wednesday – Grand Turk

Friday – back in Florida/California


My Mom just forwarded me a link to an amazing video on Youtube.com.  Kseniya Simonova is a young Ukrainian sand artist and this video is her interpretation of Germany’s invastion and occupation of the Ukraine during WWII.  Judging from some of the audience reaction, it is a moving story — I know the art is incredible!

As I watched this I counted the many blessings I enjoy, and I think it’s a reminder of what this season is about…Peace, Love and Hope. (The video is a bit long, but very well worth it!)

Do you hear that?

Listen carefully.  What do you hear?  Hmmm, I hear nothing.  Yes, all is nice and quiet.  There is no hum from the AC.  There is no whirl from the fan.  Silence.

But wait.  Listen again.  There.  Do you hear that?  The gentle hum of the cat purring.  Yes.  And that?  It’s the little voice of the other cat, slowly waking and getting ready to greet the day.  And now I can hear a car pass by.

Slowly, slowly.  The world is coming to life.  It’s 5:37am – welcome new day!  What do you hold in store for me?

I am ready to embrace this day.  Good morning world!